Last week I had the great pleasure of co-hosting our first ever TEDxYouth@Toronto Pizza Party with our Youth Ambassadors and Outreach Committee members. I left in awe at how amazing these 13 high school students were! Not only did they make their way from all parts of the GTA on a school night – Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Oakville, Scarborough, Mississauga, Toronto – they were also full of great ideas on how to spread the word for our upcoming event. I must say, the enthusiasm, creativity and energy of the students was invigorating and reinforced why I decided to volunteer for this incredible organization. Creativity aside, boy do I feel old! These teens were naming social networking sites that I had never heard of! Newsflash to me was that no one uses Facebook anymore and Tumblr and Twitter are where it’s at – I better sign up for accounts!

My favourite part of the night is when we discussed what everyone’s favourite TED talks were – it was fascinating to see how certain talks transcend generations and were ones that were named by the TEDxYouth@Toronto Organizing Committee members as well! One student mentioned having a TED unit in her English class – hats off to the teacher who put this into his/her lesson plan. You obviously inspired a student to take their interest outside of the classroom.

In a few short days we have had over 70 applications submitted, no doubt with credit due to our hardworking Youth Ambassadors.

3 cheers to you all from the Outreach team!

TEDxYouth@Toronto Outreach Committee