It’s that time of the year again. The time when applications open, and youth from across the Greater Toronto Area open that application and think long and hard about why attending TEDxYouth@Toronto is so important for them.

Going through the applications is the hardest job for us as organizers. Every application we receive is brilliant; so brilliant that it makes us, the organizers, look bad. This is a time to be creative, to be bold.

Some of us here ask ourselves what would motivate youth to send us this mountain of applications. Here are the 5 reasons that were highest on our list:

  1. Ontario Science Centre How could someone not want to be at the Ontario Science Centre? It is the fondest memory for a lot of us; discovering the wonders of science and running around those halls when we were kids (still do whenever we get a chance). Getting a chance to host the TEDxYouth@Toronto conference here is just perfection and we couldn’t have built a better location if we tried.

  2. A day with your friends Seriously. How awesome is it to spend an entire day listening to some awesome talks with your best friends and like minded people from around our amazing city. Awesome would be understatement. The only thing that day would make this day even more amazing would be a lineup of some truly incredible speakers.

  3. Lineup of incredible speakers We’ve been fortunate enough to host some of the biggest names and brightest minds from all walks of life. Last year we had some major celebrities too, with Ziya Tong and Arlene Dickinson. Just goes to show how important we are to the people who make a difference every day. Getting a chance to get such exquisite food for your brain is just too good to pass up. It’s like being in a room with Yoda; only there’s more than one Yoda!

  4. Celebrate Universal Children’s Day! That’s right! We have the unique opportunity every year to host our event in accordance with Universal Children’s Day – how incredible is that! You don’t just get to come to see TED Talks at the OSC, but become part of hundreds of similar conferences around the world. You can share experiences, tweet friends and give shout outs to peeps across the globe.

  5. Have your mind blown Attending a TEDx event is unlike any other experience. Ask anyone of your friends who has had a chance to be a part of one and they’ll tell you. It’s not just about watching someone important giving a speech. The whole point is to have your mind blown – literally. You show up in an auditorium filled with passionate youth, headlined by brilliant speakers, organized by an extremely hard working team, hosted by an incredible group of people – all to realize that you are not the only one looking to make a difference. You have a team spanning the entire globe. And that realization alone, is worth attending.

Now don’t just sit there thinking about it. Turn on those creative juices and fill in those applications today! Applications close on Oct 20th.