Dear TEDxers,

We hope everyone enjoyed an amazing start to 2013! As we enter this new year, we’d like to reflect on the past and give thanks to all those who helped to make TEDxYouth@Toronto 2012 a success! For those who would like to re-live their favourite TEDxYouth@Toronto moments, you can do so via the following methods!

1. Photos

See if you can spot yourself in our event photos taken by our official photographers Mariam Magsi and Hendrick Lau. Highlights of the photos can be found on our Facebook page, and the complete set of high quality pictures can be found on our Flickr Collection.

2. Speaker Videos

We know everyone has been asking about them, so here they are! Many thanks to our videographer sponsor Ovu for their expertise in the filming, editing and publishing of these videos. All our speaker videos can be found on our YouTube Channel. In addition, you can find the same videos on the TEDxYouth official YouTube Channel.

TEDxYouth@Toronto 2012

3. Posts about the event

We’d like to thank everyone for spreading the word about us! In the spirit of TED – “Ideas worth spreading” - we want to let all Toronto youth know about the wide variety of TED and TEDx talks out there. In particular, thank you to Jocelyn, TEDxYouth@Toronto Youth Ambassador and Reporter, for her post about the event which has been republished on the TEDxYouthDay blog.

As we look back over the years, we’re amazed by all the support we have received to help make this annual event a success. TEDxYouth@Toronto started in 2010 with a group of friends who thought: “wouldn’t it be cool to have a TEDx conference just for Toronto youth?” Today, we’re incredibly excited to see that the event has grown to over 200 participants in 2012. Many thanks to our supporters, in particular our Pioneer Sponsors: Ontario Science Centre and ING Direct, as well as our dedicated team members for making this possible.

We look forward to all the amazing things in store for 2013!

TEDxYouth@Toronto Team