The TEDxYouth@Toronto Speakers Committee has been hard at work for the past few weeks putting together a dynamic panel of thinkers and leaders in our community who we hope will help you along your journey of discovery! We’re happy to say the hard work has paid off, and are excited to bring to you the first three speakers that we’ve confirmed for our event in November!

Greg Overholt Overholt is the founder of Students Offering Support (SOS). SOS is a student organization based in 30 universities across North America, where volunteer leaders hold group review sessions before exams and raise money for development projects in rural Latin America.Since graduating from Wilfred Laurier University in 2008, Greg has grown SOS into an award winning international social venture. Since inception, 3000 SOS volunteers have helped 25,000 students prepare for exams, raising $1,400,000 for education based development projects.

Emily Lindin Lindin is the Founder and President of the UnSlut Project, an initiative inspired by her own experience of school, after school and online bullying. The UnSlut Project has expanded from Emily’s own middle school diaries to now include the collected stories of many women who have suffered slut shaming and sexual bullying but have overcome it in various ways.

The UnSlut Project has two goals: first, to reach out to girls who are currently suffering and offer them some hope for the future; and secondly, to demonstrate the extent of sexual bullying and “slut shaming” in our schools, communities, media, and culture, so that we may begin the path toward change.

Katherine Hague Hague is the Co-Founder and CEO of ShopLocket. Prior to founding ShopLocket, Katherine worked as an independent digital media consultant and in a variety of marketing positions for Toronto startups. Katherine launched ShopLocket in May 2012 and raised a $1 million seed round in the summer of 2012. ShopLocket now provides thousands of entrepreneurs a simpler solution for selling online.

Katherine is a graduate of the Schulich School of Business and HackerYou, and was recently named one of Canada’s 7 Tech Stars by the Financial Post. Katherine is very active in the Canadian startup community and is committed to helping other young entrepreneurs succeed.

We’re obviously really excited to have such a great initial set of speakers, and thank them for taking their time to tell us their stories. We hope that once we’ve finalized our entire panel, we’ve put together a range of speakers that speaks to our entire audience and their individual goals, adversities and passions. To stay updated on future speaker announcements, simply add us on Twitter (@TEDxYouthTO) or Facebook ( You can read more about these speakers at