To introduce you to the theme and get you excited about our event on November 16, we have collaborated with Neon Tie Films to bring you a promotional video coming soon to a computer screen near you.

Ever wondered how a video is made or what goes on behind the scenes at a film set? This weekend the crew, actors and Director/Producer Aleksey Matviyenko were busy filming and we sent Kateryna Shpir from the TEDxYouth@Toronto PR and Communications team on location. Here is her report:

In the summer the PR/Comm team met up to discuss ways to promote our event in November. We wanted something inspiring that appealed to our audience and was a preview of the theme. A short film would be the best medium to accomplish this goal.

Sabeen, the TEDxYouth@Toronto co-chair, and I met up with Aleksey in early September to discuss the making of a promotional video. We exchanged some ideas and this got the ball rolling. A few days after the meeting the work started – before filming, the script was drafted, a crew was assembled and actors were casted.


After a month of preparation, everyone gathered early this Saturday and filming lasted all day. There was make-up, lighting, silk screens, cameras and more on the set.

“I really wanted to capture how discovery is so personal”, explained Aleksey, “Everyone has their own definition of it.” To achieve this, shooting was done in different areas of Toronto and featured three high school students experiencing the different aspects of discovery.

The opportunity of being on set allowed me my own discovery. It was exciting and also a bit intimidating being on set. I realized how much work is involved. For a teaser that will be approximately one minute long lots of time, a large team, tons of equipment and great patience and dedication is required – and this is even before any editing is done. I can’t wait to see the result, which we will share with you in a couple of weeks from now. Stay tuned!