Attendee applications for our November 16 event closed October 14th and we received an overwhelming amount of over 400 applications.

Shortly after the application deadlines, our team locked themselves in a room to review the responses. We were all amazed by the quality of answers – each applicant put a lot of thought and effort into it. The organizing committee enjoyed reading through the applications and getting to know our audience a bit better.

From history or from the present, who would you choose to have dinner with? This was one of the questions that we feel reveals a lot about our potential attendees and the one that featured the most unusual answers. The top three people chosen for dinner were Leonardo da Vinci, J.K. Rowling and Steve Jobs. Other honourable mentions were agents of peace such as Mother Teresa and Gandhi, scientific geniuses such as Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein and political game-changers such as Pierre Trudeau, Hitler and Martin Luther King.

The amount of applications we received this year surpassed previous years and our target. We are absolutely thrilled to have such a reponse. For us, this can serve as an indicator that the organizing committee is doing a good job – signing on interesting speakers, spreading the work and making an event that many of you want to be a part of.

We are very pleased that we evoked so much interest and look forward to seeing you November 16th in-person at the Ontario Science Centre or virtually through our live-stream.