Hello! The 2015 TEDxYouth@Toronto team is assembled and back in business! We’ve had our first general meeting last month and with so many different ideas floating around, we’re excited to flesh out this year’s theme.

In the meantime, you can check out last year’s talks on our YouTube channel to reminisce the experience. We suggest reliving Eric Chong’s talk on taking a risk and following his passion. With a new restaurant opening, talk about igniting his dreams. Or perhaps watching the chemistry and respect between Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue will inspire new teamwork goals.

Although TEDxYouth@Toronto isn’t until November, this year we’re introducing a mini mid-year event to give youths another TED-like experience to accommodate our growing audience and their enthusiasm. Be sure to check our Facebook and Twitter for upcoming news!

Our next blog post will introduce the theme for 2015 as well as our team members so you get a better sense of who we are and why we’re excited to be a part of TEDxYouth@Toronto. While we hope that our event and our wonderful speakers will inspire you and help discover yourselves, this blog will give you behind the scenes insight while we share our experiences over the course of the year. Don’t hesitate to tweet at us from time to time. Chat soon!