Are you someone who believes in empowering youth to impact their communities both in Canada and abroad? Our TEDxYouth@Toronto team is looking for passionate and motivated individuals that can help plan our annual event taking place this November, 2014!

About the Team

At TEDxYouth@Toronto we believe that positive change in the world comes from empowered youth. To inspire youth, our volunteers are expected to lead by example: with a demonstrated commitment to the organization, a get-it-done attitude and a feeling of self empowerment.

Volunteering for TEDxYouth@Toronto is not a side project, it is a part of what you will do every single week! It is a commitment that we expect from every team member. We expect the workload to be at least 3 hours per week, with some weeks being more and some weeks being less. If you are committed to being an active volunteer, working collaboratively and believing in youth’s potential for good, then you’re in the right place!

Applications for this year’s organizing committee have closed. Thank you to everyone that’s applied! You’ll be hearing from us over the next several days. Stay tuned!