• Different schools of thought continually inspire and influence Andrea’s branding and design work. She believes that design is a combination of all practices and design cannot solely stand on its own. Her work is just that — a diverse fusion of designs and schools of thought to execute the complete brand experience to people of all diversity. Scott McCloud on comics is her favourite TED Talk at the moment

    Andrea Barros

    Graphic Designer
  • Kevin is a writer, and a big time tennis fanatic. If you can’t reach him, he’s likely on the courts fighting to the death. During whatever time he has left in the day, you can usually find him napping, reading, or surfing the web for the next great technology to take over his life. His favourite TED Talk is Margaret Heffernan’s  “Dare to Disagree”.

    Kevin Chu

    Outreach and Marketing Committee
  • Shankar has committed to using his infatuation with efficiency for good as a supply chain analyst. His other passions include competitive robotics, reading, and travel – which sometimes (but not nearly often enough) intersect to make him unreasonably happy. His favourite TED Talk is Luis von Ahn’s “Massive-scale Online Collaboration”.

    Shankar Manoharan

    Outreach and Marketing Committee
  • Emily Shi

    Sponsorship Committee
  • Recently, Kateryna finished up her Master’s degree in Economics yet her interests not only lie in that field but also cover a large array of other subjects such as psychology, art and medicine. As an unofficial Life Detective, Kateryna attempts to uncover the mysteries of our world and prides herself on seemingly random pieces of knowledge that are great for dinner party conversations. Her favourite TED Talk is Dan Ariely’s “Our Buggy Moral Code”.

    Kateryna Shpir

    PR and Communications Committee
  • Jing Jing is passionate about the intersection between technology and behaviour. She researches online communities during the day and gets lost in in documentaries, words and videos at night. When she is not observing and analyzing the world, she enjoys trying new things like skydiving and paintnite-ing.

    Jing Jing Tan

    Speaker and Outreach Committee
  • Amanda Lai

    Outreach and Marketing Committee
  • Danielle is a recent business grad wishing she went techie – so she works the tech space by day, and tries to amateur code at night. With a passion for education and youth, TEDxYouth@Toronto was the place for her. Her favourite TED Talk is Young-ha Kim’s “Be an Artist, Right Now!” so much so that it inspired her to take art classes at the AGO.

    Danielle Thé

  • Andy L

    Graphics Designer
  • Chauncey is a Graphic Designer that’s been in the business for 7 years now. Art and design has always been a big part of his life and he loves doing it! He’s also a big geek at heart. He loves video games, sci-fi, anime, fantasy, delicious foods, watching movies and the internet. He’s also a social butterfly that likes to go out and meet new people as well as travel the world and adventure to different  places and try new things.

    Chauncey Ha

    Graphic Designer
  • Sabeen is an avid reader and traveler, passionate about TED and cupcakes. You may find her wandering the streets of Toronto in search of the perfect balance between frosting and cake. Her favourite TED talk is The Power of Vulnerability by Brené Brown.

    Sabeen Saeed

  • Steven is living the student life as a graduate student in software engineering. He spends most of his days with his laptop at a coffee shop where he’s working on this website, procrastinating, or occasionally, writing his thesis. His favourite TED talk is Blaise Aguera y Arcas demos’ Photosynth.

    Steven She

  • Kelvin (@kelvinlui) is an IT consultant with a passion to understand how technology can enable businesses and organizations with a social mission.  In his spare time, you can find him cooking (at least attempting to), sleeping, or exploring Downtown Toronto.  His favorite TED talk is “How Simple Ideas Lead to Scientific Discoveries” by Adam Savage.

    Kelvin Lui