• Andrea is curious about the methods in which humans connect physically and emotionally with the world through design and technology. As a graphic designer, she is constantly searching for new ways to create a user friendly experience through her designs that evoke feedback. Andrea explores the city and the world with her four-legged fur babies.

    Her favourite TED Talk is Neil Harbisson’s “I listen to color”.

    Andrea Barros

    Lead Graphic Designer
  • Kevin is a writer, foodie, and big time tennis fanatic. If you can’t reach him, he’s likely stuffing his mouth with pasta and baked goods, or on the courts fighting to the death. During whatever time he has left in the day, you can usually find him napping, reading, or surfing the web for the next great technology to take over his life.

    His favourite TED Talk is Margaret Heffernan’s “Dare to Disagree”.

    Kevin Chu

    Speaker Coordinator
  • Shankar loves learning about cool, new stuff; really anything cool and anything new. He keeps himself busy during the day with a commitment to using his infatuation with efficiency for good as a supply chain analyst. Given a choice, he’d much rather spend his days dabbling in competitive robotics, reading, and traveling — which sometimes, but not nearly often enough, intersect to make him unreasonably happy.

    His favourite TED Talk is Louis van Ahn’s “Massive-scale Online Collaboration”.

    Shankar Manoharan

  • Learning and trying out new experiences excites Emily. She has an obsession with self-help books as she is curious about human behaviour and how the human mind works. Always trying to know what is going on in the world, she uses her vacation days wisely to see as many places as possible with her family and friends.

    Her favourite TED Talk is Matt Cutts’ “Try Something New for 30 Days”.

    Emily Shi

    Delegate Experience Coordinator
  • Jing Jing is passionate about the intersection between technology and behaviour. During the day, she researches online communities and in the night, she gets lost in a land of documentaries, words and videos. When she is not observing and analyzing the world, she enjoys trying new things like skydiving and paintenite-ing.

    Her favourite TED Talk is Dan Gilbert’s “The Surprising Science of Happiness”.

    Jing Jing Tan

  • The behavior of millennials and the implications of growing up in the wired world occupy Amanda’s mind. The latest volumes of National Geographic and the most recent world news occupy Amanda’s time. Running a puppy day care occupies Amana’s dreams.

    Her favourite TED Talk is Susan Cain’s “The Power of Introverts”.

    Amanda Lai

    Speaker Coordinator
  • Andy is obsessed with fast cars, clever designs, and most of all – the science and mechanics underlying the natural world around him. During the day, he explors the balance between art and purpose in design. His pastime is collecting insects.

    His favourite TED Talk is Chris Hadfield’s “What I learned from going blind in space”.

    Andy Liang

    Graphic Designer
  • Chauncey is a huge nerd. He loves great storytelling through all mediums especially through graphic novels, video games, and TV/movies. Chauncey is very passionate about history and culture. If he had the money to, he would travel the world to visit every art gallery and museum with his camera! Oh, and food! Eating around the world would be AMAZING.

    Chauncey Ha

    Graphic Designer
  • Some of the things Annabel enjoys are exploring the psychology behind consumer behaviour and any well written book. When she’s not pitching media to her clients, she is volunteering with Power Unit Youth Organization.

    Her favourite TED Talk is “The Power of Introverts” by Susan Cain.

    Annabel Lee

    Social Media Coordinator
  • Erin is an arts and culture junkie, unapologetic social butterfly and reality tv addict. She’s passionate about communities and connecting individuals to enriching people, places and events. Her responsibility during the day is managing education and audience development programs at Canadian Stage.

    Her favourite TED Talk is Andrew Solomon’s “Love, no Matter What”

    Erin Schachter

    Speaker Coordinator
  • Gabi is passionate about people, community, social change & magic/illusions, not necessarily in that order. He recently completed his MEd in Adult Education & Community Development.
    One of his favour TED talks is Dr. Brian Goldman’s “Doctors Make Mistakes.”
    Gabilan Sivapatham

    Sponsorship Coordinator
  • Kyle devotes his time to goal setting and achieving. His next goal? To meet as many people as he can and go to places he’s never visited. He enjoys a good coffee before a long bicycle ride accompanied by great music.

    His favourite TED Talk is “Hackschooling makes me happy” by Logan LaPlante.

    Kyle Lubieniecki

    Speaker Coordinator
  • Some of the questions that preoccupy Thea’s mind are Where/how do we express ourselves in the arts? What is the inclination to express ourselves? How are arts and ideas active? She enjoys knitting, teaching/making theatre and reading coming books. Oh, and that pesky PhD!

    Her favourite TED Talk is “Free Air” by Buddy Wakefield.

    Thea Fitz-James

    Youth Ambassador Program Coordinator
  • Swela is intrigued by human behavior and the brain. She is busy working towards earning her undergrad, reading the Human Connectome Project and eating delicious food.

    Her favourite TED Talk is Russell Foster’s “Why do we Sleep?”

    Swela Bashir

    Sponsorship Coordinator
  • Sabeen is an avid reader, passionate about learning, travel and food (who isn’t?!). She can be found wandering the streets of Toronto in search of the perfect French macaron. By day, she is part of Toronto’s fast-paced financial industry. She also enjoys discovering new restaurants and checking out local events.

    Her favourite TED Talk is Brené Brown’s “The Power of Vulnerability”.


    Sabeen Saeed

  • Steven is living the student life as a graduate student in software engineering. He spends most of his days with his laptop at a coffee shop where he’s working on this website, procrastinating, or occasionally, writing his thesis. His favourite TED talk is Blaise Aguera y Arcas demos’ Photosynth.

    Steven She

    Web Designer
  • Kelvin often thinks about how technology and better data can enable organizations with a social mission and further amplify their voices. The majority of his time is spent on creating PowerPoint decks, excel models and sleep.

    His favourite TED Talk is “How Simple Ideas Lead to Scientific Discoveries” by Adam Savage.

    Kelvin Lui