Chris Olah is a member and director of and a “20 under 20″ Thiel Fellow, passionate about Mathematics and 3D printing. He’s been involved in a number of open source projects around 3D printing (including designing a RepRap variant) and has spoken at conferences ranging from NYC Maker Faire to Singularity Summit.

You can see Chris’ programming projects on GitHub, including ImplicitCAD (his main project, a programmatic CAD tool), and a few neat proof of concept Haskell projects.  You can also find his writing at his personal blogthe RepRap blog, his notes on Byron Sonne’s trial, and his GitHub essays repository – he’s also published a paper, Producing Lenses With 3D Printers, in the Open Hardware Journal. His 3D projects are mostly on thingiverse (including a 3D-printable vacuum cleaner).