Jeremy is a co-founder of Spongelab Interactive. The Toronto-based studio employs unique educational strategies using 2D/3D environments and game-based learning, integrated with intelligent feedback and assessment tools for the education market. With expertise in scientific content, programming, animation, and educational design, Spongelab is a leader in the Serious Games and education technology industry, producing unique Spongelab learning content, educational engine technology, and platform technologies for science and education communities world-wide.

Through Spongelab, Jeremy has led the development of numerous science communication projects and educational games which have garnered international recognition with awards from the National Science Foundation, Journal of Science and a United Nations.

Jeremy holds a Doctorate in molecular genetics and biotechnology from the University of Guelph. He has been involved extensively in both public and private scientific education programs, consults and designs for a number of publishers and major interactive educational exhibits, and volunteers extensively in helping promote science education and science careers to high school students. Jeremy has been teaching at the university level since 1998.

Outside of Spongelab… Jeremy enjoys not sleeping, his young children, coffee, building blocks, more coffee, red balloons, and the belief that one day he’ll drink less coffee.