Sang Kim is an award-winning fiction writer, playwright, chef and restaurateur. He is the recipient of the Gloria Vanderbilt Prize for Short Fiction. His upcoming third book, WOODY ALLEN ATE MY KIMCHI, takes a candid and humorous look behind-the-scenes at some of the top restaurants and hotels in Ontario. He is the owner of the popular Yakitori BarSeoul Food Co. and Windup Bird Café restaurants in downtown Toronto. He also runs Sushi Making For The Soul, a weekly sushi-making class, where he merges his passions for Japanese cuisine, sustainable seafood, and food literacy for children. In 2014, he will be conducting the world’s largest sushi making class which will connect thousands of children from all seven continents via the internet to raise awareness about the need for food literacy programs in the public school system. He is currently planning an urban garden on his Windup Bird Café property for the children of the community.